Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Phone Dump

1. We had a HUGE snow in our area. Over a foot! This never happens! When we heard the snow was coming in my Grandma picked up a sled and I hoped the weather people weren't getting ahead of themselves as usual. They weren't! This kids thought being dragged around in a sled was amazing and hilarious. Osh man ate his weight in snow.

2. The Butterball had his two month check up. He was such a good boy. I hated holding him down for his shots but we did it and he recovered quickly. He weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs. 12 oz!

3. I turned 29 on Valentine's day. I made myself the cupcakes I have had since I was a wee one, which are strawberry flavored with pink icing. My mom made them in heart shapes but I did not do that. Osh man was kind enough to decorate them with his macaroni and cheese and clementine's.

4. If you didn't know this, I'm a wuss. Whenever the hubs is out of town I CANNOT sleep in my house alone. My husband is not a violent man and he doesn't wake up when a baby is screaming in his ear in the night so I doubt he would wake up to a murderer creeping through the house, but I just can't do it. So this is my grandparent's guest bed with Peanut and the Butterball sleeping with me.

5. All three of my little's first bath together! That sounds kind of creepy when I type it out, but I thought it was cool at the time.


  1. So cute!! Strawberry cupcakes are my birthday tradition, too. May I ask where you found the bath seat that Butterball is using? I think we need one of those! Thank you! I'm a long-time reader, first-time commenter.

  2. I hate sleeping alone when my husband is away, too. I think next time he goes out of town on biz, the P. will be old enough to not kick the heck out of me in our sleep.

  3. Happy belated birthday!
    Awesome phone dump... and no worries about being a wuzz, I would be nervous too if hubby wasn't sleeping at home with us ;)


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