Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Body Image

Like many, many women, I struggle with my body image. I always have actually. This second pregnancy has ravaged my body and breastfeeding makes my boobs look like something out of a National Geographic magazine. I am so uncomfortable with myself. Leaving the house would help because then I would shove myself into some spanx but currently I am just lounging around in sweats with my dangler (my baggy, saggy, stretch marked dangly skin that hangs down under my belly button).

I gained more weight this time and only had one baby so that made a huge difference in my weight loss. Last time I was sick and couldn't eat much, not to mention I had GD which required a very healthy diet. This time I ate donuts twice a day so after baby came out I still wanted to just eat donuts twice a day.

The poor hubs has to hear about it all the time!

Me: I'm so fat and disgusting!

Hubs: You are not fat. You look good, especially for just having a baby, stop beating yourself up.

Me: I need new teeth!

Hubs: You don't need new teeth.

Me: I need a nose job!

Hubs: You don't need a nose job.

Me: My hair looks frumpy..

Hubs: Your hair looks fine.

Me: I am pale, I look like a Twilight character.

Hubs: You are really pale, I'll give you that one.

I really don't know why he doesn't strangle me. I'm annoying and hard to live with but I am having a rough time getting in touch with how I look. I try to avoid mirrors which makes it worse because then I am not at least putting on some makeup or decent clothing.

I did take a little action, which was to get my hair done. Thank God for Groupon.





It's way darker than I thought it would be and much longer for having asked two inches to be cut off, but I am happy with it! Hubby says it's super sexy.

I have also been doing some ab work since about 2 weeks post partum. Really light at first and stepping it up a bit. I really don't have the energy to work out so I am trying to let that go until I get there. Eating healthier has happened a bit since I got a wicked stomach issue last weekend so that has helped she some pounds. This is how I look, I told hubby to not dare take a picture of anything much below the shoulders!


I am going to hopefully start getting better workouts in soon when the butterball's schedule is more predictable. Other than that, I guess I will just have to hope to win the lottery for those teeth, nose job and tummy tuck dreams! As long as I stick to taking pictures of my adorable munchkin and snuggling the butterball, I will just have to keep myself distracted from the hot mess that is me.


  1. Love the hair and don't worry about your weight it will come off with time and work. The more you stress about it the longer it will seem to take to lose the weight.

  2. Awww...I think you're beautiful!!!

  3. You still have the fortune of being naturally so very beautiful.
    You'll get to where you wanna be :)

  4. Supah Sexay! I like the new look ;)

    Body image? My twins are 2 and change and I still have major skin hanging issue, aka frontal ass... Anyway, I get it, but you DID just have a baby, *try*(I know, I know) a little more time before beating yourself up... you deserve a break.
    You are beautiful. Truly.

  5. Love your new do! Good thing Nash sneaked into one picture. It is illegal to post a blog entry w/o a kid pic, ya know.
    (shhh.... in photoshop I have been guilty of "liquifying" some times. under Filter. Distort.Liquify.)

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