Monday, June 7, 2010

High Maintenance

The maintenance level of the twins has gone up, WAY up lately. They cry more, they are awake more, they make each other cry more and are all in all just more demanding. The good news is that in the last few days they are sleeping more at night, so that's a decent trade off.

The bad news is that we are confined to the house a little more. We ended up not taking the babies with us to dinner and they were babysat for the first time for three whole hours while we went to eat. We didn't want to be that annoying couple/parent that brings their little kids and ruins plans for everyone around them when their kid is screaming or running around. Not to mention it's not fair to the little monkeys to have to be snuggled in the carseat that long because we would miss them, or let's face it, because we love to be with them and show them off (hence the hundreds of photos you've seen on this blog just in the last 6 weeks). I took Ever to the store with me yesterday because Ocean and hubby were sleeping but she started screaming so I pulled her out and carried her while pushing the cart. She started crying again so I left the store with only a third of the groceries I needed. Yikes.

At my OB appointment the other day she asked what type of birth control I was interested in. HA! Have you seen my history to the right? I reaaly don't think that will be an issue. Besides, birth control is only 99% effective at preventing pregnancy, but I would say having twin infants is 110% effective at that. We figured we could start a program for at risk teens and they could come spend the night with the twins and teen pregnancy rates would plummet.

UNTIL . . . we get them calm and look into their little faces and realize they are the most gorgeous babies that were ever born. They have started making the cutest faces and noises and being very observant. They are little snuggle bugs. They are also getting some sweet little baby fat on them and it is super cute. And did I mention that they are gorgeous? So there will be no teen pregnancy prevention program going on around here, or we will single handedly be responsible for an entire season of "16 and Pregnant" and we don't want that.

So we will keep our high maintenance monkeys all to ourselves:




  1. Good for you for going out alone!! Good job! Keep it up! Glad the night sleeping is getting better. The crying and fussing does seem to peak around 6 weeks of age. It will get better!

    Oh, yes, twins are the ULTIMATE birth control. Yikes. And, yes, they are GORGEOUS!

  2. I'm glad to hear they are sleeping a little more at night! I can't help you with the crying stage - mine were very easy going babies.

    Wow - you are 4 years ahead of us. We didn't hire a sitter to go out alone (no family living here, either) until they were over 4 years old.

    I cleaned my purse a couple weeks ago and found the rx my peri wrote me at my 6 week check up for birth control pills. I tucked it back in - figured if I hadn't tossed it by now, I oughta hang onto it.

    Keep snapping those pictures! Trust me - someday, you will long for these newborn days all over again!!

  3. I thought about you today. I was at Town Center Father's Day shopping and held the door open for the cutest mom and her boy/girl twins. The babies looked to be about one year old. They were in their twin stroller just hanging out while their mom pushed them through the outdoor shopping. I'm sure she's had many, many crazy nights too, but I've got to tell you - she was in a blissful state this afternoon. You'll be there soon. Easy for me to say, huh? I'm so proud of you and, yes, they are GORGOEOUS!

  4. PS - I can spell gorgeous : )
    Blaming it on the DRUGS!!!


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