Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby 3 Has Arrived!

Last Monday I had a doctor's appointment. I was physically just done being pregnant and my blood pressure was a little high, not to mention, we have been plagued by nasty sickness in our house for weeks, so  it was also my last day of work. My cervix was checked and I was only 2 cm but still a little thick. I went and walked a quick mile. I had tons of contractions all night and thought again it was going to be the big day.

Tuesday morning the contractions stopped. Boo.

Wednesday I fell down the stairs. It sucked hard. I had just gotten a wonderful massage and ruined it all by texting and walking, which apparently I can't do. I got in bed and cried because I realized if falling down a flight of steep steps doesn't put you into labor, nothing will and I was trying to come to terms with a csection on the 19th.

Thursday I stayed in bed all day.

Friday through the early hours I felt like crap, respiratory business and coughing and snot and all that good stuff. Osh man was feeling the same. When he got up he said that his ear hurt. I told him we could go to the doctor and check it out and he said no, he just needed to stay home with mommy. I thought "what the heck," may as well, and we played together. We were hanging out in jammies when I felt some cramping and went to the restroom and there were chunks of gunk and blood in the toilet. I was feeling pressure in my lower back and having the occasional contraction. I went ahead and called the doctor at 12:30 but they were busy and were going to call back later. I decided to take a shower, wash my hair and pack the rest of the bag just in case.

The doctor called back at 1:00 and said that I should go straight to L&D. I told her that I had two wild two year old running around in jammies so it may be awhile. They said get their as quick as I could. I called Hubby to ask him to come home from work and called my grandparents to see if the twins could come over for awhile. I put on my make up, complete with primer, because no one wants to meet their child looking like a hot mess, right? My back pain and pressure and contraction were still not consistent so I didn't put a lot of stock into this being the big day.

We got to L&D at 2:30. They put us in a triage room to just see what was going on. We didn't even bring in the suitcase. She checked me and I was still at only a two. She said let's just give it an hour. I was uncomfortable, but nothing terrible. She came back and said a 2 maybe a 3 but no major change and she said she thought I would probably be sent home. I called my grandparents to tell them we would probably be done soon and I told Hubby I really wanted to go to the mall down the road and pick up an almond pretzel because I was starving. I told him perhaps even 2-3 almond pretzels because I was so starving. She came back to check on me to see if anything was happening, she said contractions were registering consistently, but I still wasn't really that uncomfortable. She checked me and I was at a 3! Hubby and I high fived and she said to stay just one more hour. We decided to walk the halls.

That is when it hit. Like a ton of bricks.

I had one hard contraction and grabbed the wall. We kept walking and another one hit and I had to grab the wall again. This kept happening. On our third lap I grabbed the wall and said "this fucking sucks balls" as a group of people were walking by. I assumed they were young because they were wearing tights as pants so I think I may have prevented teen pregnancy, you're welcome society (did I ever say how much I hate when people wear tights as pants? I really, really hate it). Two feet later again I grabbed the wall, Hubby put pressure on my back and I let the cursing rip again. I decided since I clearly had labor induced touret's I should get back to the room because not everyone really wanted to hear my potty my mouth. We stopped at the restroom and were greeted by diarrhea  blood and another curse filled contraction all at once. Hubby told me that he is now gay and we would never have sex again. I told him fine by me mother beeper! You may recall that I read the Bradley book for natural birth and we went through a bunch of techniques together. Well . . . that all went out the window immediately.

We got the room. The pain was so shocking, I literally felt like my uterus was getting ripped in half. It hurt so bad I couldn't even cry. I could not sit down. I couldn't function. Hubby was such a major trooper I couldn't believe it. I yelled to him to please get the nurse. The nurse came in and said it looked like I was clearly in labor and she wanted to check me. We waited for a contraction to pass and she checked. She couldn't find anything. She decided she needed the nurse with the long fingers. Hubby and I both looked at each other and laughed until I wanted to climb the walls with another vicious contraction. The long fingered nurse came and checked me and said I was a 4, they were going to admit me. She asked if I wanted an epidural and I said please, please, let's get that puppy right away.

I walked down the hall to my official room, grabbing the wall all along the way through several contractions. I  did not want to get in bed, for some reason, laying down seemed awful. Finally my sweet relief of an anesthesiologist arrived, all while hearing me yell that I couldn't do it, please help me, oww this hurts, and this is bullshit. They waited for a break to put in the epidural and as soon as it went in I yelled for it to come out. She hit a nerve the first time. Then I had more contractions and it took THREE tries to get in. I was so scared it wasn't going to work.

And then it did.

Wow. It was amazing. It was heaven. I was so relieved. Since I was finally calm, they checked me. I was still only at a four! She talked about giving it a few hours and we could discuss pitocin maybe and we also had the csection discussion. It didn't panic me then because the ball was already rolling. I asked questions and then the Hubs and I just relaxed.

And that's how it was. Relaxing. Nice. Hubby and I had conversations and watched TV. She came back in and I was at a 7! Two hours later I was ready to roll, 10 cm and head fully engaged. It was easy. I could feel contractions but they didn't hurt. My grandma was there. It was so enjoyable, really.

They set the room up for delivery and then I started pushing. It wasn't hard, like I imagined. It was so peaceful. I could feel the contractions like tingling and pressure and then pushed. Doctor said I was an excellent pusher. In between pushes I closed my eyes to rest a little. We all chit chatted and it was truly lovely. After an hour I gave a push and baby came out before doctor was ready. I could feel baby coming out and I couldn't wait to find out if I had a son or daughter and hear that first cry.

At 12:58 a.m. on Saturday, December 15th, our beautiful baby BOY arrived, peacefully and sweetly! He weighed 8 lbs. even and is 20 inches long.

They put him on my chest, hubby cut the cord, and the rest is history! Without further ado, here is our sweet boy, Nash Edward!




My recovery has been far easier than with the csection. I am so happy I went for the VBAC. This boy is the sweetest little piece of heaven.

The next post will be about the twins and their adjustment. It hasn't been easy, but when they come around and get into the baby, it is the best feeling in the world!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! He is absolutely adorabe! Glad to hear Mama and Baby are doing well. Hope the twins are going easier on you!

  2. Congratulations! he is adorable ;)

    haha, my phone just corrected 'adorable' to 'affordable'... which I guess is kinda true this time around :D

  3. Awww I have been waiting for this!!! Congrats! He is so adorable!!!!

  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations again, Ashy!!! He is so beautiful! Your birth story is hysterical. I'm glad it went so well and that you got your VBAC! And I'm glad you punished those teen-agers in the tights. I'm SO with you on that. :)

  5. So happy for you! And your momma intuition was right! He is so precious!

  6. Congratulations! And Nash is such a great name, one of my twins is Nash (although had colic and reflux, hope yours doesn't). Enjoy him and your twins!

  7. Your make-up does look stunning in that photo! Rock it!

    Congrats on the beautiful boy. I am so glad to hear he's here and well!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on a precious baby boy!!! I've been thinking about you and all of the VBAC/C-section concerns...I'm so glad to hear everything went beautifully and you got your VBAC!!!!

  9. I've been eagerly waiting for this! He is adorable and I'm so happy it a
    L went as you had hoped! You are really making me want the epidural this time!

  10. Congratulations!! He is adorable. So glad you are happy with the vbac.

  11. I am so glad that you were able to have him the way you wanted and that everything went smooth. He is adorable!! Congratulations again and I can't wait to hear how things go once yall get home.

  12. Congratulations, so glad you got to have the birth you wanted.
    He's gorgeous.

  13. Congratulations!!! I love that you posted this on the 19th instead of having a c-section. ;-)
    He is beautiful!!! Welcome, Nash!!

  14. Congratulations on a beautiful, perfect baby boy and your VBAC.

  15. Congratulations, he's beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  16. Congratulations!! So happy for you!

  17. I just recently found your blog and have read each and every post since the first one. I love you and your story. Thank you for sharing with us. This is the 1st comment I leave. I love your blog. I love each post. I especially love this one. I am so happy for you all! Congratulations =)


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