Thursday, November 8, 2012

This and That

Wow, I have been sucking at this.

1. Halloween

Halloween was awesome this year. It was the first trick or treat year. We had a lot of grand plans for the twins wearing coordinated costumes but they insisted on being a pirate and a princess. They loved dressing up! Peanut hated trick or treating but Osh man loved it. Peanut hates strangers and Osh doesn't, he said "trick or treat, smell my feet" at every house. That was kind of embarrassing. We did a practice afternoon where they rang our doorbell and I opened it and they yelled out trick or treat. Do not do this. It's fun the first few times, but after the 5,438th time you open the door it gets old (for you, not the toddlers).

2. Baby 3

Baby 3 is a big beast who is measuring ahead. I am NOT letting myself believe I will go early because I don't want to psych myself out and then get freaked out when it doesn't happen. Everyone is always saying how huge I am and how I will go early. This scares me to find out what I will look like if I do go all the way to 40+ weeks. I am going for my offical VBAC consult soon so hopefull we will have that in the bag and we will just be going about our business until Baby 3 gets here. I also don't have a solid name for this little one. Any ideas?

3. First time preggo moms

I didn't realize until this second pregnancy how annoying first time preggo mom's are. Holy cow. So annoying. So sensitive. I can't take it. I especially love the ones who try and tell me how this or that should be done or think I'm making stuff up if they ask for advice and then don't like it, while they are still pregnant, for the first time. Bitch please, this ain't my first rodeo. And I am sure I was just like that when it was me. Becoming a parent is very humbling and helps you learn many things that you can't learn in theory. It's like looking back on yourself as a teenager and cringing remembering how you think you know how life will be, but it turns out to be nothing like that. Awkward!

4. Politics

I am really glad this election is over. Most of my friends are Republican. I am not Republican. I'm going to need a few months to move past the horrendous things they have been posting for the last few months that make me wonder why I am friends with so many elitist, racist, hypocritical freaks. I hope our friendships endure. For real. Especially on the handouts and lazy comments. I would have liked to post to Facebook that I will go ahead and bend down now and they can kiss my educated and gainfully employed Democrat ass, but I tried not to go into politics so I'm going to stick with it. Maybe . . . .

5. Road trip

We are taking a road trip to go buy a mini van. Yes, I am getting a loser cruiser! I am not excited to pay for the gas in it but we will work it out so we have NO car payment. That is the best. I also might not hit my kids heads on the roof so often putting them in their seats like I do with the twins in the Corolla. I have to admit, I have always seen myself rolling with my kids in a mini van. I know that's not cool, but it is what it is. The hubster thinks this is a terrible idea for me to go so far in the car at the stage of pregnancy I will be at, but the OB said that she will print my medical records to take with me in case Baby 3 decides to come early and I will pack a few hospital items. I'm really excited for this little trip together, one last time before we are a family of five!

6. Big kids or babies?

Hubby accuses me constantly of treating the twins like babies. They are my babies. When they are 30 and married and I am a grandma they will STILL be my babies. But I do baby them. I let them have baby bottles in the morning if they want one. I should move them downstairs so they have a bigger room to share and we can get them twin beds but I just can't imagine having my babies on a different floor than me. For one, that is scary. For two, the other day I fell asleep on the couch for 10 minutes because I was so tired and Osh colored the flat screen with green crayon so I know if they escape in the night the house is likely to be destroyed. I had a psycho mom moment and told Hubby they cannot move downstairs until we put alarms on all the windows (we already have them on all the doors). It's just too scary for me. Can you believe someday I will have to let them drive cars and date and go away to college? The horror!!







  1. Gosh they are getting soooo big!! Their costumes were great!

  2. Holy adorable!
    LOL! I too agree on the first time, really?! Your analogy was great...very accurate =).
    Have you posted a belly pic lately??? =)

  3. Best Pirate and Princess ever!!!!! They are so adorable!
    ::cheers:: on the first time Mommas and Politics views... so true!

  4. I'm right with you on EXACTLY there with you ;)

    Osh and Peanut are as cute as ever!!

  5. You slay me!!! LOL.... so funny and so true about first time mommyhood. Actually, its true of dads, too. My bro and his wife just had their first baby, and my bro was telling me all these birth plan things, and I TOTALLY remember obsessing about the samethings -- which I totally disregarded when I had my second kid.

    Also agree on the politics thing!!!! So glad its over!!! And I'm so glad that Romney lost bc (a) I think his policies would have been bad and (b) he was too much of a rich douche. The "47%" comment thing said it all for me.

  6. First Time Mom Comment- Sensitive- yes? Are some First-timers know-it-alls, probably. I'm a first time preggo. I think you're comment of people asking for advice and not taking it because they didn't like it could apply to just about any human being under the sun. Do some people have advice for situations that they have no actual experience with? Yes. Does this apply to first time moms only? No. Usually, people who give out advice on subjects they have no knowledge of would do it if they were preggo or not. With that being said - clearly I embody the sensitivity that applies singularly and wholly first-time preggo moms.


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